Professional Trader - Recommended Path

If you have chosen this category,  we assume you have many years’ experience and trade the markets either for a living or to substantially supplement your income.
You are profitable but maybe too focussed on certain markets which may not perform well for you at times. In any case you are interested in diversification and, as all good traders, are keen to learn new ways of fine tuning and improving your overall trading experience, including of course your P/L.
With TFF you will very probably be presented with a way to ‘read the markets’ which you have not seen before, as we combine our own ‘brand’ of Fundamental Analysis with the technical study of Price Action to help us fine tune trading decisions on Timing and Direction. As an experienced trader you will know that getting the Direction of a market right is not difficult, but getting the timing right, is tough.
The ‘TFF Way’ helps us getting the combination of these 2 variables right more often than not and we believe it could help you in a similar way, especially as you will be constantly presented with our trading decisions from our Proprietary Book which we faithfully report on in our market analysis and updates. 
It may interest you to know that some of our clients are Hedge Fund managers themselves.
If you are interested, this is how we suggest you use our services: 
  1. Open a Demo Account. This will give you the chance to experience our Members Only material, both in the Trading Academy and Market Analysis sections, FREE for 30 days, and introduce you to the TFF Way. While we accept that you will already have an account with another broker, the Demo will give you the opportunity to test our user friendly MT4 platform, in case you haven’t experienced MT4 before, and note the extensive Product List of tradable securities we offer, some of which are of course analyzed and traded by our own experienced team.
  2. At the end of the 30 day trial period, you will have 2 options:

      a) Subscribe to our services through an extremely reasonable one off subscription fee which will give you access to all our Members Only material for 1 year, or …

      b) If you like our MT4 offering, open a Live Account which, if actively traded and with a minimum initial  funding requirement, will also give you access to all our Members Only material, and allow you to better follow the securities we trade ourselves.
At TFF we are truly aligned with all our customers. Your success is our success!
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