STTS Weekly Summary 23 March 2014

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A very frustrating week, characterised by huge volatility due to, amongst other, the UK Budget and FOMC statement. During weeks like these, fortunes can be made but also lost. We issued 9 STTS signals in total of which only 1 was a Win, 3 Losses, 3 did not trigger and 2 are still open. The realized tally for the week was -0.68R which is a great result considering we had 1 Win v 3 Losses.
This is the beauty of our Risk Management practices, which allow us to have more losers than winners and still do OK. Next week there will be no STTS signals as Stef Breschi is on vacation. It is a Human System after all!
The results of the 2 remaining open positions will be listed in next week's summary. Full STTS service will resume on 31st march.
18-Mar-14 AUDUSD Short Loss -1.0R -$100
18-Mar-14 USDCAD Long Win 2.32R $232
18-Mar-14 XAUUSD Long n/t n/t n/t
18-Mar-14 EURUSD Long n/t n/t n/t
18-Mar-14 XAUUSD Long n/t n/t n/t
19-Mar-14 AUDUSD Long Loss -1.0R -$100
20-Mar-14 NZDUSD Long Open    
20-Mar-14 XAGUSD Long Open    
21-Mar-14 EURUSD Short Loss -1.0R -$100
* Assuming R (Risk per Trade) = 100$ TOTALS -0.68R -$68
n/t = Not Triggered

NB: The above scenarios are only what we at TFF believe have a high probability of success. There are no guarantees and past performance is NOT an indication of future performance. If you choose to trade, do so at your own risk and never risk money you are not prepared to lose. Before placing any trade, we strongly recommend you watch our Risk Management Video, in conjunction with reading our Disclaimer.