Weekly Bonus Technicals 10 April 2016

Weekly Bonus Analysis Video on SP500, GOLD, AUDUSD and GBPUSD (4 min 53 sec)
Hello everybody welcome to our weekly bonus analysis video
I'm Stef Breschi and today is Sunday, the 10th of April 2016
Today we cover 4 markets we currently have positions in … the SP500, GOLD, the Aussie dollar and Sterling US dollar!
The markets have been a bit strange and lacking in direction lately so we have not been particularly active, other than maintaining some of these positions.
Our most recent Long at 2028 came very close to the Double bottom target but has since retraced. We are still +200 pips in profit and still think the market is likely to make a push towards the 2080-2100 key resistance band and therefore our target of 2086 . The weekly chart posted a bear candle but still making a higher low and a higher high, so we remain hopeful. We will be happy to take our money of the table if our target gets hit.
Gold has gone nowhere in the last 2 months. We’ve been short for  a while at 1255 believing in a substantial correction but price has been instead going sideways in a consolidation pattern which is hard to label. We are still 150 pips in profit. With buying coming in below 1230 we may still some more upside next week so we may decide to take the position off for a profit and go into re-assessing mode, though we do believe in an eventual correction as our Fundamental is team is super-bearish.
We went Long at 0.7560 on 16th March … but there’s been a distinct lack of follow through. Price is now just below our in-cost and we will need to see early next week whether we want to remain Long or get out. The weekly chart still supports a long showing that this pair has successfully broken area of resistance 0.7380-0.7440 which has then acted as support so we still hope that next week we will see a major push towards our targets which are best seen in the weekly chart as 0.8070 and 0.8225.
Went Long at 1.4255 and subsequently exited at 1.4330 for a 75 pip profit … as price collapsed to re-test 1.4050 support. And late last week, after the daily pin bar showing substantial buying coming in at this support level, we went Long again at 1.4130. The week ends at our in-cost and we hope that price will make a push next week towards our targets.
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have a great week

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