It is now just over three weeks since the UK referendum and a great deal has happened since. The UK government has changed its leader; the leaders of the leave vote have left the stage; the opposition labour party is in supposed turmoil all whilst the rest of Europe awaits England’s next move.

It is therefore perhaps a good time to try to analyze why the unexpected outcome of the vote occurred because it was truly unexpected.

This article will try and explain as simply as possible the single most important reason why England voted the way it did. It has very little to do with the EU.
Very simply the demographics of the UK voting public can be placed in two distinct camps:
1.    North versus south
2.    Ordinary citizens versus ‘experts’
3.    The ‘outsider’ versus the ‘insider’
4.    Workers on behalf of globalisation versus beneficiaries of globalisation
5.    Manufacturing worker versus service sector worker
6.    Labour versus automation

They are all linked.
The UK’s manufacturing base has always been predominately in the North and west of the country. Industries that made things. Things that could be made anywhere in the world.
The south has been home to the service industries including financial, legal, property, advertising and other professional businesses. Industries that relied not so much on making things but on facilitating the making of those things.
The job of the owners of industries that make things is to achieve the highest return on their capital and the surest way of doing this is to reduce their cost of production of which labour is the biggest and most difficult.

Globalisation and automation has presented them with the answer. Move your industry to the Far East or Central Europe and/or replace labour with machines and your costs fall and your return on capital increases magnificently.
So what happens to those regions which are no longer home to the departed industries? Unemployment rises, wages fall, secure jobs are replaced by unsecure jobs, property prices fall and migration results as people leave in search of work elsewhere.

The effects of industry closures are therefore both economic as well as social. The effects are compulsory, they are not chosen.

This is exactly what has happened to the north of England, the west of England and in the valleys of Wales. Not surprisingly all these areas voted in favour of BREXIT.

But whilst both industries and peoples migrate the owners of those industries do not. They remain in the south of England richer than they were before.
How have they gotten richer? Well they were rich to start with owning the industries in the first place, they have reduced their costs and on top of that the migration of their industries offshore has been met with the reverse migration of capital from the far East and Central Europe into the south of England (London is the money laundering capital of the world) where they reside watching foreign money drive up asset values. The same assets they own.

A lovely very full and fat circle.
Then along came the icing on the cake in the form of the 2008 worldwide collapse in everything! How did this positively affect the rich? They got richer as the UK government rather than kick start the economy through spending relied upon the Bank of England to reduce interest rates to zero and print money. The stupid, misguided idea being that zero interest rates would encourage borrowing and that the printing of money would ‘trickle down’ to the man on the street. What an absolute load of nonsense. Borrowing was done by the rich to buy assets at their lows and virtually nothing trickled down. The end result is that assets, predominately stocks and property which the rich own in the first place rose even more in value resulting in the rich becoming even richer.

The full, fat circle got even fuller and fatter.

What could possibly go wrong?

The answer lies in arrogance. Arrogance to such an extent that the ruling, southern, expert, globalist beneficiary insider in the form of David Cameron, who in order to defeat some political rivals decided that the uninitiated mass would vote for the status quo.

The rest is history and so by the way is Cameron.
The mass rallied. They rallied under the populist anti-immigration banner. It could have been any banner as long as the banner was not being waved by anyone they regarded as the ‘enemy’. They did not have a plan. Those with little to lose by their actions act, they do not plan. They do not concern themselves with the consequences of their actions. The consequences of day to day living take up the majority of their time.

Had Cameron taken the time to read Colin Wilson’s book ‘The Outsider’ he may possibly have thought twice before calling the referendum. His arrogant political posturing means that I somehow doubt it.

In the book Wilson explores the psyche of the outsider, his effect on society, and society's effect on him. It is a book that has been translated into over thirty languages (including Russian and Chinese) and never been out of print since publication day: Monday, May 28, 1956.
So what happens next?

The triumphant BREXIST would have you believe that the UK is the first of many, that a domino effect is on the horizon, that the European mass will follow their northern English and Welsh brothers in dismantling the EU which serves globalisation to their detriment.
They wait excitedly as the EU enters its final death throes.

They will be disappointed.

The reason is that there is very little (if any) chance of the globalist ruling elite granting its own mass any chance of a referendum. Having watched Cameron make an idiot of himself they are unlikely to do the same.
They will make their populations acutely aware of the dangers of dismantling the EU by highlighting the UK’s impending economic malaise and potential breakup both geographically as well as socially. They will know not to act arrogantly and take the mass for granted.

They may also all be reading Colin Wilson’s “The Outsider”.

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