Weekly Fundamentals - 19 October 2017

We have not reported for 17 days. 17 days may seem like a long time to the short term trader. This piece has never been about short term trading. It has always been about allowing a trade to mature, develop and ultimately and hopefully make money.
Therefore, from now on we will reporting as and when we see fit and necessary.
the report will also be far more succinct. It will look at the last report's reccomendations, analyse them and make the next set of reccomendations. That is all.
We now see it fit and necessary to report again.
In our last report we wrote:
The next set of medium term recommendations are:
Short the GBP
Stay short the CAN$
Short the EURO
Begin slowly taking profits in precious metal shorts. Downside is limited to another $30-40 from here
Stay long the USD

How right or wrong have we been?
Shorting the GBP and staying short the CAN$ were both good.
It is too early to speak about the EURO short as it has done virtually nothing
Shorting COPPER was bad
Taking short term profits in precious metal short positions was brilliant as gold fell to 1276. As I write it is trading at 1288
Staying long the USD was good.
What do we anticipate going forward:
Re-enter short precious metal positions
Stay long the USD
Stay short GBP, CAN$, EURO and AUS$
Start buying the US 30 YEAR BOND
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Stay nimble. Good luck trading.


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