“Total Financial Freedom or TFF-ONLINE TRADING has been a tremendous asset to our website www.HotStocks.NYC! The TFF analysts and writers have been providing us with well written accurate content to share on our Blog and through our social media following. We like that they lean toward cautious and conservative investing with realistic expectations that provides a fresh voice in comparison to many other analysts. We could never provide this content ourselves and are thankful for the alliance.” Derrick at HotStocksNYC

ForexAlchemy.com provides quality articles and videos covering research and educational content about trading the financial markets. It is read daily by a global audience of retail and semi-professional traders. As a financial news and information provider we owe it to our members to have the best possible resources available on our site and as such, jumped at the opportunity to align with TFF to have their research and trade recommendations posted daily on our site.

We are very selective in our process of choosing whose research to post, and a quick look at the quality content provided by TFF underscores the fact that they offer "best in class" fundamental and technical research. Both the quality and consistency of their content is of tremendous value to our client base of retail traders. What struck us was the way in which TFF's research captures the essence of the market, providing crystal clear guidance of what ever is happening at any given moment. TFF does great work of setting expectations as well as advising on any possible current and upcoming execution calls they have in mind. They don't profess to be right all the time, but their stringent risk management and solid trading plan assists our readers in navigating the financial markets on a daily basis, ensuring an excellent risk adjusted return on their trades!

What ForexAlchemy's readers appreciates most about TFF's research is that they are super efficient at cutting straight through the noise, focusing only on what is of utmost importance to understand and as such provides easy to follow trade calls and research that easily makes sense of it all.

We are happy to report that TFF provides regular, quality research and guidance and that their technical analysis is by far some of the best we've seen. Our members eagerly await their daily market report, highlighting any significant events to keep in mind, and even more importantly a solid and concrete way of how to capitalize on it all. We are proud to have their content featured on www.forexalchemy.com!